“This is a compelling piece of theatre that rockets along and leaves you speechless.”

Kerry Cooper, Stage Whispers

Marc and Sarah have a one-way ticket to Mars. Their mission: to colonise the planet and live a Martian life, forever. But they’re not alone. Winners of a public voting competition, they’re the stars of billionaire entrepreneur Carl Jefferson’s new reality TV show, The Mars Project. Their journey and their every move is being watched by millions of people worldwide, and the cameras will never go away. Maybe the sky isn’t the limit after all.


Shannon Rush

Set and costume designer

Kathryn Sproul

Lighting and AV Designer

Mark Oakley

Sound designer

James Oborn


James Smith, Rachel Burke, Terence Crawford, Rebecca Mayo


From the show

In the course of its production, Limit has gone through an Australian Theatre for Young People Fresh Ink mentorship program with Nicki Bloom, a small portion of it was presented at the National Play Festival, and the work first came into contact with South Australia’s State Theatre Company when director Shannon Rush pitched it to the company’s outgoing artistic director, Geordie Brookman. Through its inclusion in the State Umbrella program, Limit has come into its final form with the collaborative efforts of a full theatre team. 

“Thought provoking, Limit makes the effort to introduce a topic that is timely and critical as the next stage of human exploration begins.”

Glam Adelaide

“Limit transports you to this alternate reality. Go and see it for both laughs and tension. It’s well worth the ride.”

– Collage Adelaide