About the work

The award-winning play about growing up, the universe and everything.

Meet Sophia. She’s into science, sci-fi and Sigourney Weaver. She’s not sure why, but at least it’s something she can talk to her dad about, even when he’s a bottle in.

She’s trying to understand a lot – growing up, her dad, and the complexities of the universe. She reckons she’ll need all three to become an astronaut.

That, and serious rubix cube skills.

Gravity Guts is a joyful and delicately woven story that attempts to explore the big ideas that have eluded womankind since the beginning of the universe: like what exactly is a quasar? What happens inside a black hole?

How do you find your voice in a vacuum?

First premiering at the Adelaide Fringe as a solo work, then as an ensemble piece in Sydney – This award-winning blend of autobiography, creative nonfiction and comedy tells the story of a girl who just wants to break free from her father’s orbit, but first she needs to build up the guts.

Adelaide Season

Presented by Wielding Theatre as part of Adelaide Fringe 2019. Performed at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute. The debut solo work from award winning playwright Sophia Simmons.

Written and performed by Sophia Simmons.

Directed by Milly Cooper.

“An endearingly direct, highly sophisticated comic performance”

– The Barefoot Review

“Has you feeling, laughing, and wanting more”

– Weekend Notes

“A remarkable achievement”

– The Barefoot Review

Sydney Season

Presented by Company of Rogues as part of The Sydney Fringe. Featuring TV’s Emily McKnight and a stunning 11-member all-female vocal ensemble directed by Erica Lovell.

Written by Sophia Simmons
Directed by Erica Hillary Langoulant-Lovell
Assistant Director – Emily McKnight
Associate Producer – Talia Meyerowitz-Katz
Emily McKnight
Anna Apps
Naomi Belet
Juliette Coates
Natalie Foti
Mikaela Franco
Angella Gachomo
Lisa Hanssens
Monica Kumar
Jessica Loeb
Cassady Maddox
Lisa Robinson

“Holds a flag for self-affirmation, resilience and determination, even when it feels like the world is falling apart”

– The Buzz From Sydney

“The show is one of the few I’ve seen that represents all I felt alone for going through at that age and does so with celebration.”

– The Buzz From Sydney